The obsession with the pelvic tilt.


In the past couple of years, there’s been a sharp rise in focus on the position of the pelvis and pelvic tilt.


Anterior tilt


Posterior tilt


Torsion (where one side of the pelvis is tilted differently to the other side)


Height of the pelvis.


They get engrossed with what it’s doing, how it is sitting, angles, etc. They become obsessed with it!


There are some approaches that deem the pelvis to be THE cause of everything. They try and link everything back to it and reckon that by treating solely the pelvis, whatever problem it is will sort itself out.


We see and check pelvis alignment a lot and it does get noted down. But it’s generally quite low down on our focus. It’s only a small part of the puzzle. Why? Well if everyone you have seen for your pain has checked your pelvis and attempted to give you corrective work for it and you are still in pain and suffering, we’re pretty sure that the pelvis isn’t that high of an importance. All those stretches for the hip flexors, glute strengthening exercises such as bridges, clams, hip abduction machines, squats, deadlifts. All those foam rolling, massages, manipulations and mobilisations. All have been pointless. If it all worked, you wouldn’t be here seeing us would you?


We recently had a very interesting case.


Female, 24 yrs old, highly active- loves the gym, outdoor obstacle courses, just balls to the walls intensity. Presented with back pain for the past year. Intensity is up there with 8 out of 10. Affecting training, weights have been reduced because of the pain, frustration from her and her trainer because she wants to get leaner and stronger. Can only do max 4-5 push ups and less than 10 bodyweight squats without the pain kicking in. Affecting driving long distances and the big one is it is severely impacting on her work. The pain is that bad that around 70% of her mind is devoted to managing and suppressing the pain.


Imagine that! Only 30% of the mind being used for work!!!


One of the things she mentioned and was quite concerned with was her anterior hip tilt. Since everyone else she had seen had found it, documented it and focussed their treatments on it. We checked it and yes, she did have one. But it was primarily the left side. So the left pelvis was tilted forwards and right sitting at neutral.


What was more interesting was that she was globally inhibited! This just means that her whole body was in a state of protection and everything was weak. Not one muscle tested normally as it should.


Through an extensive history intake, we found it down to 2 key players. Her left eye and a scar on her left brow. How is this significant?


The scar on the brow is right on the very end of the superficial back line (image below). The back line is a group of connective tissue (fascia) stretching from the forehead, over the head, down the back, back of the legs and under the feet. The purpose is to extend your body. Like standing up straight on your toes. When there is a problem/ damage/ trauma to a system (in this case the superficial back line) the whole system reacts. In this clients case, the trauma was severe enough to shut down and inhibit this whole left side of the system (if you look closely on the image, at no point does it cross the body). Resulting in a weak and tight left posterior side. The location of the scar meant the fascia bunched up towards the scar.


Pretty smart eh?


What was even smarter was that whenever she looked up and to the left, not only did her pain greatly reduce and this left system work again, but her whole body functioned normally. Eyes are big players in how we move and interact with the world. Problem here will usually mean a bigger problem elsewhere or all over. Due to a significant trauma as a child, she avoided looking in that direction.


After mapping out the rest of eye functions, we released a overactive left superior rectus and activated an underactive left superior oblique and all back online! Pain gone. Push ups tripled. Squats was really easy. Even asked for a 12kg kettlebell for goblet squats.


What’s really cool? Pelvis alignment level. All without even having to do any work on the pelvis at all.