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I can see massive overall improvements on my body

I have been suffering with breathing problems more than half of my life. Most of the physios I had visited in my past did not know what to do with me.

Until last April 2015 when joined a Crossfit Liverpool community. There I met Venard from Optimum Body Mechanics and because breathing was still on and off that time. I decided to give it go.

Venard found a few factors causing my breathing problems. I was not using my diaphragm, my nose did not work and because I have been wearing glasses all my life seemed that my right eye was freaking my body out. So my body was switched off.

After few corrections and resets my breathing improved and I can read about 2 more bottom lines.

I still have got a little homework to work on to bring my breathing to perfection but since Venards treatments I can see massive overall improvements on my body.


Well worth the money I paid for

I had benefits after the first session and was able to run up the stairs with no pain that same day. I was so made up with these improvements. I really couldn’t believe that the same day I came to see you my foot was on the mend. Over the five weeks I was seeing you the pain has completely gone in my foot and my whole posture and the way I run has changed, so hopefully the injury will not reappear. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me I would recommend you to anyone I speak to regarding injuries and say you are well worth the money I paid for.


Start running again

Since receiving treatment from Venard, I have been able to start running again, without feeling discomfort afterwards, which I have been unable to do for a few months.


Helped me to return to my daily fitness routine quickly

I have had problems with a sore shoulder and back for the last 10 years, being unable to sleep on my right hand side without being in pain.

I have seen several Osteopaths over the years, but they were only able to provide me with a temporary fix as the pain would eventually return.

The 2 treatments I have received from Venard were easy to follow and have helped me to return to my daily fitness routine quickly. Now I’m able to train to a better level.

Venard is extremely professional, with his friendly approach I would not hesitate to see him again with any future problems.


One session with Venard resolved this

Over the course of several years squatting I always had problems with my adductors – they would get tighter and tighter every day and it got to the point where I would need 30mins to warm up and loosen them off. One session with Venard resolved this – by finding that they were overcompensating for other muscle, he corrected this and immediately my body did what it was supposed to.


First pain free cycle ride in 2 years!

After just 3 sessions I understand the cause of my knee pain for the first time and am able to carry out the exercises he has prescribed. My pain has reduced considerably and I have had my first pain free cycle ride in 2 years!


Most of the lost strength was regained in time for the competition

After just one session of sports therapy the pain became manageable and most of the lost strength was regained in time for the competition. I was genuinely surprised that just one session could have such an improvement and Venard is without doubt the most thorough professional I have worked with.


Each time the treatment has been excellent

I’m a high level martial arts competitor, with the volume and intensity of my training it’s not uncommon for me to have tightness and/or strained muscles. Fortunately, these are never serious enough to stop me training fully, but they do tend to linger and hinder certain aspects.

I’ve seen Venard a few times for treatment on niggling, sore or pulled muscles and each time the treatment has been excellent.

Venard is very professional and passionate about his work. He fully investigates the problem to find the cause and treat it accordingly. I highly recommend Venard to anyone, sports people/athletes or otherwise, he will always do his very best to heal the injuries and ailments you might have.


Yet to feel even the slightest niggle

When cycling from Calais to Toulon last summer, I had a great deal of pain on the inside of my right knee. This I was told was due to miss-alignment of the cleats, but even after altering them to every discernible angle was unable to sort the issue.

It got to the point with the knee where even driving any reasonable distance would leave me unable to walk for a few minutes upon arrival. I decided at this point to try something different and employ Venard’s services.

He was very professional and knowledgeable as well as clear with his instructions/explanations of issues, to the point where I felt that I learnt more Biology in the hour session than I did taking it at A-level. He explained the complexity of such an issue and that it could be a series of possibilities which he then tested for relevance.

After highlighting the culprit he was able to sort out the problem to the point where three weeks later and many miles on the bike, I have yet to feel even the slightest niggle. I will certainly be using his services again if I have any future problems.


The treatment I received from Venard was brilliant

Over the last 10 years I have often suffered with back pain, mainly due to the muscles behind my shoulder blades becoming inflamed for various reasons.I saw Venard for the first time nearly a year ago after having a painful back for about a week; I had an assessment followed by treatment and my back was back to its normal self by the next day.

Six months later I had a follow up treatment after experiencing niggling pain a few times, and ever since I have had no problems with my back – I have seen Osteopaths in the past but the pain always returned after a while.

The treatment I received from Venard was brilliant; he talked me through the treatment every step of the way which was very reassuring and confirmed I was in good hands. I would definitely recommend Venard’s services.


Extremely thorough

As an extreme martial artist, the acrobatic techniques that I constantly practise can take quite a toll my body. Venard’s treatment was personalised and tailored to help me recover from the stresses of my own training. I was initially given a postural examination in order to identify any problem areas. Venard then made an assessment in order to identify which treatments that I would benefit from the most.

The treatment itself lasted around an hour and a half and was extremely thorough. Venard patiently informed to me what he was doing at each stage and how this would benefit me. He made me feel relaxed and comfortable and was very professional throughout the treatment.

Afterwards I was given another postural examination and was informed that there were some improvements to my problem areas. I felt relaxed and noticed that I had considerably less tension in areas that often cause me some problems. I would definitely like to use Venard again for any future treatments.


I’m a fit and healthy individual who takes his health very seriously. If I become aware of an issue I aim to fix it.

I had a problem with my foot/leg externally rotating away from the hip which I’d known about for a long time, since recovering from a microdiscectomy operation 2-3 years ago. I tried many things to fix the problem but to no avail.

I’d seen what Venard could do and decided I’d give him a try, I had high hopes but wasn’t entirely confident. The methods he uses seem far-fetched distant from your normal physio and recovery options. That said I am fascinated with neurology knew that the method behind his work made complete sense. I find the whole subject very intriguing.

Venard was very easy to work with, welcoming and friendly; patience probably being the most important. I was lead through the session step by step, with nothing out of the ordinary happening, it all seems a little tame and you don’t really feel like much work is being done during the session. That’s seems the deal with the methods Venard uses, figure out what’s wrong and send you away with the tools to fix the issue yourself in your own time.

Our issues are built up over long periods of time, repeatedly using bad movement or being sat or stood in awkward positions. To expect somebody to fix your problem in a day, when it has taken months to develop into a problem is unrealistic. We need to put the effort in ourselves and this is probably the toughest part of the process. I stuck with my rehabilitation exercises and now my foot pointing in the right direction!


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