Stop throwing turd about and being more specific.


We get REALLY specific when we work with our clients. I mean ridiculously specific. That pain you’ve been having? That didn’t happen for no reason or because your body was bored. Or because life was going so well, it decided to bring you back down to earth by giving you some pain. It happened for a very particular reason from a very particular cause. Your body is really smart.


A lot of the time, scrap that! All of our clients scratch their heads and wonder ‘WTF!’ when they work with us. Then when we find the source to their pain, the real source, light bulbs go off. When the real source is found, that pain goes in the first few minutes of treatment. Sometimes if the issue is complex, then longer correction may be needed or a few sessions. But each session should have a significant improvement.  All those therapists they’ve seen in the past? NHS and private, local all the way through to world class professionals that work with Olympians and celebrities and regarded as the dogs danglies AND their pain is still there!!! Why’s it still there?


They didn’t get specific enough. They just flung some turd at the wall and hope something stuck!


How specific and high detail do we go? Super high detail.


In the past 2 months-ish, a common theme that had been presenting in clinic is multiple sites of ache/ pain. This isn’t anything new as most of the time a lot of these multiple areas ARE linked. What is really interesting is many of these clients have had a car accident at some point in their past. In a car accident, the head jolts about due to the force at play. When the head is affected, everything in the body compensates to protect it. Compensation can happen anywhere and in any direction. Yes, i know the picture below shows compensation from a pronated foot, it’s what I had to hand.


The specificity? Which seat they sat in, were they walking or on a bike, how fast, type of road, straight road or bend, where the sun was, direction of impact, force of impact, were they able to see the oncoming car even if it’s for a fraction of a second before impact, etc.


THE biggest common player in the whole problem? Their eyes. All these clients saw the oncoming car. Their body freaked out and went into protection mode- muscles and joints tighten up and lock down. Makes sense doesn’t it? Wouldn’t you freak out if you saw a car coming right at you? Everything tightens up to provide stability for the impending impact. If someone is about to punch you in the gut, you instinctively tense up the abs.


In all cases, these accidents happened YEARS ago. We’re talking 10, 20, 30+ years. In this timeframe all the legal stuff will have been sorted. Also seen numerous therapist and included some of the countries best in their particular profession. But still suffering. All they did was just fling turd at a wall and hope it stuck.


By going into mega detail, we were able to find out exactly how the body responded to the primary trauma that caused all these different compensation injuries.


So those tight shoulders, tight neck, headache, lower back pain, knee pain, even those dropped arches and aches in the feet were mapped back to the eyes and that very event that happened. Every time they move their eyes into that direction of the trauma, their body goes into protection mode. Even years down the line, their body still holds onto that tightness because all the treatments were just addressing the compensation problems and wasn’t even anywhere close to the real cause.


Other than going high detail, how did we solve it? The Pain Free Triad approach. Clear the physical, clear the emotional and integrate into movement. Full eye work up, eye movements, fusion and binocular vision worked up, eye correction and synced in with fusion and binocular vision, emotional therapy to clear the emotional components of the events, full body movement to integrate the work globally.


Being specific means hands don’t get dirty flinging turd and the client gets pain free!