Interview With Venard

Imagine feeling like superman every day. Invincible. Untouchable. Sheer awesomeness. The school run is a walk in the park. Those meetings and stacks of projects on your desk? Not a problem. It can be done with your eyes closed!

But it doesn’t happen! Because you are in PAIN.

Being in pain sucks. You’ve seen tonnes of other therapists, clinicians, professionals, tried a lot of other approaches, rubbed, massaged, needled, cracked, manipulated to no end and you are fed up of it all AND you’re still in pain! It’s affecting every single day of your life.

The first thought when you wake up is ‘Is that pain still there?’ and it consumes your whole day.

It affects every single day. Having to put on a front at work, at home, with friends. Having to select which meetings and activities to do each day based on your pain. Having to match your underwear with your clothes each morning of the appointment with your therapist (We don’t really care what you choose to wear. Or whether you don’t wear any! All our work is done fully clothed.)

And it’s hard work. It’s exhausting.

You are serious about getting out of pain and at the point of doing what ever it takes because frankly, it is exhausting. It is hard work just to manage this pain. Not being able to go out or for you girls, not being able to wear heels!

If this is you, then you are at the right place. If you are happy with just managing and living with your pain, then no need to read any further.

A lot of therapists say they also get to the root cause. How are you different from other therapists?

I get it and I totally understand as there are a lot of therapists out there that claim they also find the root cause of the pain. So what makes us different then?


By speed, we don’t mean rushing things just so we can get you out the door and onto the next client. We focus on bang for buck corrections. How cool would it be if your pain for all those months or even years went away in as fast as one session smiply because we sort out the trigger holding and causing all of this pain? In a lot of cases, multiple areas of pain get reduced from working on the trigger. If you fancy results like Annie with her 27 years of pain in her neck, shoulder and lower back gone in one session, Rob with his double sciatica and lower back pain for the past 3 years and given the options by his doctors of either surgery or medication and it was gone in the first session. How about Rachel with her lower back pain for years and we cleared that in two sessions. Previously she was seeing a Chiro and massage so often that we joked that she probably put their kids through University! There’s Carl with a 8 year hip issue that was cleared in the first session AND the following day hit a personal best in his squat AND hip pain free for the past 2 years from that single session, then read on as to how we are different to other therapists.

We explore depths waaaaaaaaaay deeper than just the muscles and joints. Ever wondered why that tightness, ache and pain still returns after being pummelled and popped and cracked back into place? It’s there for a reason!

We look at how the information enters the brain and change that so the brain has a clearer view of the outside world and since it has a better picture, the information that comes out is also better- muscles and joints. A lot of chronic pain is simply outdated software.

Liken it to a computer. You can have the latest hardware money can buy. But if the software is still on Windows 95, is it functioning at it’s best? Nope. Simply updating the software and BING! Your computer runs slicker than a wet seal!

Where are you based?

We are based in Bromborough, Wirral, Merseyside, UK.

What is magical in your sessions and what do they consist of?

We’ll take a bit of history from you. The pain is there for a reason. We are not magicians or mind readers. So we need to know what your body has been through and experienced in the past. Some movement assessments to see how your body moves. Some hands on work in the form of palpation and manual muscle testing. Followed by the corrective work specific to your issue and finally a summary of the session, findings and your take home exercise plan. Don’t worry about the home exercises, OK? It’s not like your classic Physio stuff where you get a print out and cookie cutter exercises that takes 20 minutes plus to do. Our home exercises can take less than 2 seconds and up to 2 minutes.

                                                                                   We are not for everyone.

We make it a priority not to work with people who are whiners, sceptics, close minded, impatient, , those that are not willing to take responsibility of their body and health, those that rush back into previous physical activity levels and those that want to be ‘fixed’ in one session.
If you are looking for a cheap, quick, one session ‘fix’, we are not for you. We are experts at what we do and we know how to get results quickly, pain free and long lasting, so we’re not the cheapest. Many of our clients do not have the need to constantly attend ‘maintenance’ sessions after their programme has finished. We find the real root cause of your issue and resolve it because we believe that you should spend your time doing better things and enjoying life.
A lot of issues that we come across may require a few sessions/ a few hours of investigation and correction. We take the time to fully understand your body in order to help it heal.

Wait a minute! You said you can get results in as fast as one session but just above you say you don’t do one session fixes! I’m confused!

Yup. We did say that. Results come as fast as in the one session. Those that get the results in that time are those that come in with an open mind, no preconceived expectations and share with us as much of their background as possible. They bring everything to the table.  Those that come in impatient, not willing to take responsibility for their health, withholding information that may be relevant and in some cases, not wanting to let go of their pain for whatever reason- attention, attachment, secondary/ financial gain, etc. Yup, there are people that deep down WANT to be in pain for these reasons. I know! It sounds stupid and it is! Generally these type of clients are the ones that we do not work with.

Is there any pain involved?

One of the first questions that we think of for any treatment Having things cracked, insane deep pressure, bruising, pain face, squeals, even times of wanting to kick and punch the therapist! Definitely not fun!!! There may be time where things are uncomfortable, especially when working with a tight muscle. But what we have mentioned above, you will not experience any of them. There will definitely not be any implements jammed in your muscles, elbows, thumbs to make the pain go away and to release that tightness.

Still sounds too good to be true.

We run a satisfaction based guarantee. If within the first session you are not happy for whatever reason, let us know and we will refund you every penny! If we feel that we are unable to locate the cause of your pain, we will let you know and offer you a full refund. This only applies for the first session. Once the session has been completed, we continue to go all out to get you out of pain. Since we’ve found the cause, it makes sense for us to help you resolve the issue. Unless you much prefer to live with the pain.

We have this because our bodies are really complex in nature and many of us have had numerous traumatic events in our lives and with each event, the body compensates. We then develop numerous compensation strategies like layers of an onion. So all layers need to be addressed.

satisfaction guaranteed

What are the programmes and how much are they?

All our programmes are tailored specifically to you and your needs. Such as the

  • Type of problem
  • Your goals- is it to play with the kids? To compete in a sport? Better posture? Etc
  • How much support you need in between sessions.
  • How many sessions needed.

The investment fee depends on what you need. To give you a fee right now without speaking and assessing you is simply throwing a number out there. If we did that and you liked the number and chose to work with us and the actual work you need is entirely different and the investment figure changes because you may actually need a lot more work or not that much work, you’d be pretty frustrated. That’s on top of the frustration of the pain you are in.

I’ve tried lots of other therapies before and it hasn’t really worked. Does this really work?

YES! If you commit to the programme and the steps laid out for you, you can expect to be out of pain and moving well in as fast as the first session. It will feel like you have been upgraded!
Go to the success stories page and see what past clients have experienced and what they have achieved.

I think I can go it alone.

Entirely up to you. but where has that gotten you? The fact that you are on this website shows that you are keen to make changes NOW! I’ve been there before, my clients have been there before. You spend countless hours online trying to find a diagnosis or a way to relieve your pain or to help you move better. Specialists you have seen in the past have told you to rest, not work, not to train, take these pills, all the things that are not possible for you. You try out every single method you can find online, you look to journals, programmes of top athletes with no success. You perform some kind of release daily, whether it’s with a foam roller, tennis ball, you tape and strap things up, stretching, mobilising the hell out of things and the issue is STILL there.

Let us do all the thinking and hard work for you. Can you imagine all the money you have spent buying various gadgets, bars, balls, sticks, books, etc AND there’s also the time you’ve spent researching and finding all this. Ball ache isn’t it?

How do I know it’s right for me?

We offer a FREE consultation session. Here we will work with you and run through various assessments to ascertain what it is that is holding you back and how we can help you. Just fill in the sign up form to get booked in.

How long does it take to see results?

Majority of clients (around 70- 80%) notice results (they actually experience full on pain free) after the first visit; others may get results after a few visits. Your history, movements, past and current lifestyle, compliance with home exercise plan all have a contributing factor in your progress. The other 20-30 % get results in session 2 or 3.

How long do the results last?

Results are long lasting. Providing you take responsibility of your body and health. We recently worked with Carl, a Crossfitter to help him resolve a recent ankle sprain. We last worked with Carl around 2 years ago for a hip mobility problem. We cleared that problem in just one session and taking into account the intensity and the amount Crossfitters train, their body goes through a lot and his hips are still working well and no problems 2 years later!
How many sessions will it take for me to get better?

How long is a piece of string? A lot of our clients notice positive changes from the first session. The results are also dependent on your commitment to the work and taking ownership of your health.

I want to do this, but I don’t have the money right now. What do I do?

First, congratulations on making the decision to become the best version of yourself and to enable you to live life to its fullest!
The next thing to do is not to let immediate obstacles get in the way. When you are committed to become the best version of yourself, you will do whatever it takes to make it happen.
Here are some ways my committed clients have raised the investment necessary. I work with mentors to grow my business and clinical skills and sometimes have used my savings or credit cards to gain their knowledge and experience as I know it will take me to the next level. It makes me commit more to their programmes even more as I have committed hard earnt money to invest in them. It is my commitment to my clients to provide them with the most up to date advancement to help them get back to their active lifestyles are quickly as possible.
Credit card
Help from family
Cut out unnecessary monthly expenses e.g. Sky, take outs, dining out, etc
In truth, many people who invest in our programmes do not have the money just sitting there. However, they place their trust in us and BELIEVE in the work and follow the steps, knowing that it will help them FEEL better. Feeling better means you have a better quality of life, increase chance of getting that podium placing, you can be more productive at work due to feeling better and giving you the opportunity to increase your income.

Do you do pay as you go (PAYG) sessions?

No. You’ve tried PAYG sessions in the past with other therapists. Now, how did that work out for you? Still in pain?
We do not do PAYG sessions because we believe that we are all entitled to have great health, enjoyment of life, being pain free and that it is not something that we can pick up and put down as and when we want.
I do not have the time for the treatment programmes.

But do you have time for your pain? We have appointments from early morning through to late evening to accommodate your busy schedule. Like you, a lot of our past clients also lead busy lives- work, family, training, social, travelling, etc. They place their trust in us and free up time to work with us so they can live their life to its fullest. Past clients have traded in time from watching TV, social activities, spending time on the computer in the short term to work with us to help them achieve their goals. A short term investment in your time to open up the possibilities available for the future.

I want to be pain free!

AWESOME! Please send us an email through the contact form and we’ll book you in as soon as we can and get you out of pain and get you back into the life you want to have.

I have a few other questions.

No problem. Email us and we will be more than happy to help you choose the best option for you.

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