Improve your squat with this one simple move.


We are sharing wonderful content in this post from the incredible Dr Kathy Dooley. New York based Chiropractor, anatomy teacher, movement specialist, strength enthusiast and co-owner of Catalyst Sport gym.


Imagine being able to hit the depth you want in the squat easily and effortlessly.


Being able to protect your spine even more when squatting.


Get stronger.


Want the above?


Check out this video from Dr Kathy Dooley


Packing your neck also gets your deep core system switched on, the deep front line. This is a mega important system in that it is essentially your base. Other movements and systems all rely on this to function well in order to be able to continue the generation of power for movement. It also contains your breathing system. That’s pretty important! Especially for squatting!!! Image courtesy of Anatomy Trains.