Get Out Of Pain and Injury Programme

Where you are at

  • You want to get back to your active lifestyle but your pain and injury keeps holding you back from going out with the family, long walks with the dog, playing football with your mates, gym sessions, yoga, shopping etc.
  • You are frustrated with your injury and it keeps coming back.
  • Your issue doesn’t seem to fully resolve.
  • You’ve seen multiple therapists for multiple visits and no one has managed to resolve your problem fully.
  • You are fed up of seeing your professional healthcare provider/ therapist for ‘maintenance’ sessions for weeks, months, maybe even years!

What you need help with

  • A clear cut plan of what is going on.
  • The root cause of your issue(s) and how it is affecting you today.
  • Simple and effective treatment plan that gets you better in the shortest amount of time.
  • The support of someone who understands your needs and who wants you to return to your active lifestyle and enjoy life.

This will suit you if

  • You want to get better.
  • You want to save time and money from all the reading up online, articles, blogs, rollers, balls, bands, etc.
  • You want to know exactly what you need to do to get better.
  • You don’t want the headache of all the conflicting advice out there!
  • You want to bring your A game everyday!

We only offer the one programme. Just one. That is it. To get you to your goals whether it is:

  • To be able to bend down and pick up your kids.
  • Be able to wear heels for that special occasion and look and feel great without pain.
  • Be able to walk to the shops pain free.
  • Have more fun in your training sessions with your personal trainer and get stronger and lose weight faster.
  • Hit personal bests regularly and easily in the gym and in training.
  • Be pain free so you can fully concentrate on that important meeting at work and close that deal.
  • Get more confidence in your body day to day without having to worry or hold back doing things or going places because of the pain kicking in.
  • To bring your A game everyday!


We call it Get Out of Pain and Injury and Mover Better programme!


We work very differently to your conventional therapist and we get results FAST! Being in pain is no fun and this is why there is just the one programme. We also believe that you shouldn’t have to be torn between deciding on  We believe that you should be able to access out full skill set to be free from pain as fast as possible so you can return to your life and do what you love ASAP!
There are no tiers/ approach restricted session types such as sessions solely devoted for gait analysis, biomechanics, soft tissue work, etc.


Success Stories

I have had problems with a sore shoulder and back for the last 10 years, being unable to sleep on my right hand side without being in pain.

I have seen several Osteopaths over the years, but they were only able to provide me with a temporary fix as the pain would eventually return.

The 2 treatments I have received from Venard were easy to follow and have helped me to return to my daily fitness routine quickly. Now I’m able to train to a better level.

Venard is extremely professional, with his friendly approach I would not hesitate to see him again with any future problems.


I’m a high level martial arts competitor, with the volume and intensity of my training it’s not uncommon for me to have tightness and/or strained muscles. Fortunately, these are never serious enough to stop me training fully, but they do tend to linger and hinder certain aspects.

I’ve seen Venard a few times for treatment on niggling, sore or pulled muscles and each time the treatment has been excellent.

Venard is very professional and passionate about his work. He fully investigates the problem to find the cause and treat it accordingly. I highly recommend Venard to anyone, sports people/athletes or otherwise, he will always do his very best to heal the injuries and ailments you might have.


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