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Why I do what I do

7 years. It took me 7 years to resolve my lower back problem. It first happened in November 2007, a few weeks after coming from a World Championships in Germany. I was deadlifting and felt a ping in my lower back. I was in agony and whenever my back was in full extension, pain would kick in.
Moving around day to day was hard. I had to move keeping my whole core braced at all times and whenever I forgot to brace, when I moved it would hurt.
I had put it down to the volume of training I was doing back then for a few years- martial arts training 4 sessions a week with 3 strength sessions a week. The strength sessions were Stronglifts 5*5. A popular beginners strength programme. But I chose to do a variation of it- squats, bench, clean and press, row, deadlift all 5 sets of 5. Plus some pull ups and dips.
I sought help from numerous therapists over the 7 years. Acupuncturists and Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors, sports therapists, massage, Chiropractors, Physiotherapy, Movement specialists. Non of them managed to solve my issue and all I experienced was short term improvements. Some of the people I sought help from were world class and worked with elite athletes and still nothing. Visit after visit, it was the same painful treatment with everyone poking, stretching, massaging, manipulating my lower back. At one point I thought I might have to live with the pain for the rest of my life.
Until 2014 when I came across a therapist that was doing something very unusual and thought what have I got to lose? I had already spent 7 years seeing other professionals with little results. In that one session, he found my lower back problem was in fact caused by my breathing. Didn’t even do any work on my lower back. 2 days later I hit a PB deadlifting 165kg for 3 reps. And it felt comfortable.
Being able to help people change their lives, being able to help them return back to what they enjoy, offering a solution to people that have had chronic pain or pain that other therapies have not been able to solve, this is why I do what I do now.

The now?

I LOVE what I do now. It gives me a buzz being able to help people return to their previous activity levels and be able to enjoy their life without the frustration of their pain and injury holding them back. I get really excited when people who have been in pain and pretty much settled on the fact that they might have to live with it, can move more comfortably and easily without pain, be able to enjoy life and spend time with their loved ones. Seeing athletes hit new personal bests in their training and competition after months of plateau from as quick as one session gets me supercharged to continue my work.

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